What others are saying about Lucia

"After my session, I am completely blissed and blessed!"


-PaulMarq F., Houston, TX

"At first I was a little skeptical of the promoted benefits of the practice and the degree and quality of the impact it would have on me. During the session my body and mind felt completely relaxed, as if the stress and worries that were weighing down my thoughts were lifted. It was a cleansing experience that broke down the barriers that were preventing my focus from staying in the current moment. It seemed as if my mind and body took a deep breath of fresh air. After the session I felt lighter, internally. It felt as if the experience recharged the batteries, providing clean energy to flow through out. Additionally, afterwards, I had a one on one conversation with Lucia. He explained where I was holding stress in my body, strategies for letting go of, and handling stressors and events that were negatively affecting my body and well-being. In general, the whole experience was worthwhile!  The stress and anxiety was lifted from my mind and body, energy was restored, and I feel I gained a lot of valuable information. I would most definitely recommend people to have a session done as a means to improve their health, or if anything else, try it out just for the experience. It will be one that you will not regret." 


-Kevin B., Norfolk, VA


"I give a big thanks for my comfortable, professional session with Lucia. Highly  recommended!" 


-Brad M., Charles City, VA


"Lucia's healing abilities are so beneficial not only for your affected region of the body, but for the soothing of your soul as well. He has great technique and is very thorough! This spirited young man also was able to provide much insight into my life, and his help has improved my living experience tremendously! His professionalism and care for his clientele will continually have me coming back! Definitely 110% satisfied!" 


-Michael J., Richmond, VA


"Lucia is one of those rare and wonderful people that possess the gift and ability to help others.  His warmth, kindness and wisdom are the hallmarks of what makes this young man such a gifted healer.  Through Lucia I was able to make contact with my grandparents whom I had never met while they lived. It was heartwarming to know that they are watching over me and helping guide my life in a positive way.  Lucia also helped a friend of mine contact her loved ones on the other side.  This experience enabled her to have some form of closure and it was a truly healing experience for her.  I am grateful to Lucia for not only helping me but also helping my friend find peace in knowing that her loved ones are watching over her and that they will all be reunited someday."  


-Nina R., Houston, TX


"I have to say I have a few very talented spiritual advisors, clairvoyants and psychics around my life who have certainly helped me during crucial times in my life but there's something truly special about Lucia. His gifts are very unique and he is a very old soul. First he gave me a past lives reading which I had never experienced before and it took me to quite a few time periods in my life. One in Africa which Lucia and I had known each other which was really deep. Then when he gave me a second reading he was spot on that my throat chakra was blocked in more ways than one. First about my business partner who was not letting my voice be heard which resolved shortly after the reading and was crucial for us continuing our work together after 3 years! Also I've been having severe fatigue and health issues and they have not been able to find anything at the doctor's or in blood work but with my persistence to redo tests because of Lucia's reading they have now found I indeed have Thyroid problem. I am on the road to recovery so all I can say is Thank You Thank You Thank You Lucia!  He's a blessing and I know will help heal all whom he touches. Namaste" 


-Valerie Gamache, New York, New York


CEO, Shock Ra Entertainment, LLC


Co-Founder/COO, VP of New Business Development,  goodXgames, Inc.


"The first time I met Lucia was at the Psychic Fair in Richmond. I signed up for a Reiki session with only a bit of understanding of what Reiki was.  As soon as he started the healing process, I felt his strong energy fix and balance my chakras. I've since had Reiki done by other practioners, however, Lucia is by far the best."


-Michelle B., Culpeper, VA


I have had you in my thoughts a lot lately Lucia.. Grateful we have become friends and while watching this was thinking of words to describe you. Here are a few: Teacher, healer, true, seer, humanitarian, generous, loving and modern day prophet! Above all courageous enough to share your gift with the world. Keep living the dream and encouraging all of us to be our authentic selves without fear of what anyone thinks! Folks are waking up from a long sleep..God bless you brother!


-Robyn S., Richmond, VA



"After having a Reiki session with him, I later found that he is an intuitive-medium. Even though I'm on a spiritual path myself, sometimes you need an unbiased reading from someone that doesn't know you.  Lucia, was right on track and helped me see clearly as to what I kind of knew. Lucia emanates groundedness, love, and unbiased help. When I'm looking for a psychic, I don't want their ego or selfdom to step in. If that's what you're looking for, Lucia is the perfect guide for you."


- Michelle B., Culpeper, VA


“During my 2nd healing you told me the Spirit was telling you to tell me to incorporate more lemon, olive oil and avocado into my diet because of my liver problem.  Between that period and the next week I had not been to the store and you told me once again that the Spirit was telling you to tell me to incorporate those 3 items into my diet and to add honey as well.  After our session yesterday I showed you two things I had printed off Facebook concerning the liver and one was  to have the lemon and olive oil every morning before eating and the other the same thing  but to add honey. Just wanted to let you know."


-Sharon H., Richmond, VA


“I was touched by an angel this week. Lucia Williams took me on a journey to my heart!  Lucia was presented to me as a gift...a private psychic reading by phone. I was busy but I took the offer from two friends who felt I needed to connect with someone who had passed away. I am very psychic friendly and believe but for some reason I wasn’t "in the mood" to connect with loved ones. I assumed it was my aunt who passed away. After a pleasant hello and chit chat, Luica took me to Heaven, literally. Merle was back thru Lucia with apologies for his suicide and explanations. I didn’t ask to know but simply put, Lucia’s message from Merle in some miraculous way healed a part of me I didn’t know was still broken after 6 years. Lucia’s clear message on forgiveness and love and "I’m so sorry" made me feel lighter on my feet and I was able to "let bad feelings about Merles death go...." I am endorsing this man as one of the very best psychic healers I have ever worked with. He caressed my heart  and handed it back to me full of love. Lucia wiped away levels of grief and shame and blame and sadness in an hour’s phone call. He then brought up my animals and each farewell touched me to my core. I left this reading lighter hopeful and ready to start living again. Please reach out to Lucia if you need your heart back or need work advice or just want to discuss your full potential. He’s not just a healer he is a Life Coach and has changed mine. GOD IS GOOD. He sent me Lucia. For that I am more healed and I’m ready to start living again. Thank you Lucia Williams. He is also so affordable and wide open to the work. Trust me this young man is the real deal. Contact your pets, your loved ones and your true self. I introduce the world to Lucia Williams.”


-Wayne Scot Lukas


Celebrity Fashion Stylist


Creative Director


Original T.V. host on TLC’s “What Not To Wear”


“I would highly recommend I feel so very blessed to have met Lucia Williams and have the opportunity to have a reading done by him. He is a very gifted, talented, caring and interesting individual whose talents are being used to help others. My reading was right on target and gave me the clear directions I needed for the next period of my life.  It was also fun to hear from my Mom and Dad and realize that they are with me and watch over me.  I had such fun during the reading and would highly recommend a consultation with Lucia. 


-Janice J., Richmond, VA 


"Hi, My name is Hervé Menon, I have a french passport, living in France is well for now. 

I am glad to have the opportunity to testimony the benefit of Lucia Williams' healing. It's with great gratitude and feeling of being blessed that I thank him for his Presence and work. 

When we lose the connection with our higher goal, the Spiritual journey of our soul, life becomes miserable, and there is no purpose in living such a failure. 

The Healing sessions I received from Lucia have put me back on a real crystal clear vision of my spiritual path and purpose in Life, deep happiness started to emerge from that feeling; happiness from inside. As well as an emerging energy to do the things that need to be done in order to feel in harmony with Life's flow and play, in other words, Life has become beautiful again. 

I would highly recommend such a treat to all the people I love. 

Sincerely grateful,"


-Hervé Menon, France


"There are a multitude of positive things I can say about Lucia and the energy work he has done on me. Speaking from personal experience I can attest to the accuracy and validity Lucia has when it comes to energy healing work among a plethora of other innate abilities. If you are truly looking for someone who is in touch with what it truly means to help and heal others you need to look no further. To put simply, I was completely satisfied with the work that was done on me. This guy is the truth. Plain and simple you will not be disappointed."


-Sherman M., Bowie, MD


“Today I had a private reading with Lucia and I was very pleased with the results and the messages that came through. He connected with my ancestors and my spirit guides and was able to provide me with some direction for my personal spiritual journey. Lucia has a warm and loving spirit and is very gifted in his skills, I would highly recommend anyone seeking to have a private session with him. Once again thank you Lucia for the beautiful messages from spirit!”


-Ericka A., Jacksonville FL


“I had the privilege of encountering such an informative spiritual experience with Lucia Williams. Not only is he professional but he is extremely spiritual and intuitive on many different levels. He has helped me tap into talents that I was confused and unsure of, and now successfully benefit from those talents daily. I was amazed on how knowledgeable he was about me and my family history. It is extremely rare to come across someone who possesses such a deep understanding for people. Lucia is perceptive and holds a discerning spirit!”


-Charisse M., Atlanta, Georgia


“I have had the fortunate opportunity to sit down and talk with Lucia and share what was on my heart as well events in my life.  Through talking with him, what I admired most was his sincere care for my well-being, and his intentional listening in our conversation. In talking with him, he dove deep into aspects of my life I had not pondered, and displayed a unique gift for providing intuitive and practical wisdom.  Lucia has a loving heart for people, and his gifts of intuition have a lot to provide for people.” 


-Michael S., Chesterfield, VA


"I had a reading with Lucia today. Lucia is exactly as amazing and amazingly gifted as I had heard from two trusted spiritual sources. He offered a huge amount of insight into what has been a very heart wrenching and difficult year-long situation for me. The information (and the way it was imparted - with gentleness and kindness) provided my mind with relief and understanding, alleviating my internal suffering. My 'inner world' is a genuinely much happier place now. And my heart sings! Moreover, Lucia's energy and work is pure, as is his wisdom and the place he comes from.. He is no 'ordinary healer/intuitive'. Thank you Lucia. 
Highly recommended...!"


-Nina, Goias, Brazil


"'Without a doubt, there is great joy in feeling connected. It goes without saying that it brings fulfillment. We are all keepers of talents and abilities that we have either been born with or will discover later in life. However, one thing is certain, becoming connected via healing and growing allows us to live our lives utilizing the tools with which we have been gifted.'

Those are Lucia’s words. 

I can tell you that Lucia knows when you are not connected and can help you when you are not connected. He can help your body heal itself. His wisdom, outstanding intuitiveness, kindness, and sincere desire to help people live the lives they are meant to live, is what makes him this authentic healer and teacher. I am forever grateful and appreciative of all he has given me in the way of healing and of information from his classes in developing intuitiveness. 

I hope to know him forever."


-Lillian T., Richmond, VA



"Thank you for the awesome class. You are a gentle and powerful teacher. The information I received and the insight I gained helped me understand connecting with Spirit and others in a new and beautiful way. Thank you for simple and direct instruction."


-xoxo, Mo R., Richmond, VA


"Lucia is a truly gifted and visionary soul. He is able to connect with the core of your essence and truly understand you to offer the best help and guidance. I have had the pleasure of working with him for many of my personal readings in which he has been able to quickly and effectively pinpoint the root issues that have given me trouble, bringing powerful healing and insight into those areas of my life. His approach is always loving, gentle and authentic. I've also done 2 past life regressions with Lucia, which completely changed my life! Thank you Lucia, for sharing your gifts and light." 


-Jamie E., Roanoke, VA


“I'd like to shine light on the gifts of a very talented young gentleman, Mr. Lucia Williams. He has uncannily aided in interpreting the flow of events in our lives with me in an easy to understand, professional manner, and I give thanks for his services.  This is a heavy recommendation! Thanks for reading." 


-Brad M.,Charles City, VA


"Lucia Williams was recommended to me by an associate. She spoke so enthusiastically of his abilities and the information that he was guided to tell her that I had to see for myself. While our session was completely different from hers, he proved to be very intuitive and in touch with his guides and others. It is important to remember that messages come differently for different people and the process is not always the same.


He connected with me and received information even before our initial meeting so we were primed. Without prompting, he was able to connect with family and friends that were important to me and with whom, I had sought communication. We were also able to ascertain names and studies to which I am drawn. It was great confirmation for me as I now know, from this perfect stranger, what others have said in the past of my capabilities to be true.  I am on the right path for me at this time and able to put clarity and focus to my search and work. It has given me confidence to trust my inner dialogue and understand the messages or nuances in my everyday world.


The most interesting part is that we had our session under less than ideal conditions due to a glitch in my scheduling abilities, yet he remained focused and on task despite all of our interruptions. Later, I asked for a medicine bag to be made to assist me in another area and his suggestion was on target to my needs. It is very powerful medicine as is Lucia's link and ability. His follow up is marvelous and his manner is kind and gentle. I recommend him on many levels. I leave it all up to him and the guidance he receives.  My next step will be to work with him utilizing White Fire. I can't wait!!!"  


-Jonnie C., Richmond, VA


"Around the time that I met Mr. Williams, I was in a place of self-doubt and depreciation, and seemed to be lost on my own life's path. Through mutual acquaintances I was introduced to Lucia, whom all insisted that he is a solid dude. I began to learn not only of his ancestral history but his spiritual healing practices, wanting to know what it was all about and whether it could help my current situation. Lucia agreed to give me a reading, whereupon I was bathed in light and reintroduced my head to my heart, as I didn't realize they were disconnected. Not only was Lucia able to help refresh my mind, body, and soul, but he helped put certain things in my life into perspective. Since that reading I have attended several classes with Lucia to practice spiritual abilities, learning that we are all capable of tapping in. Lucia is one of a kind, and past his profession he is truly a compassionate and understanding human being. Thank you, Lucia Williams!"


-Jacob S., Richmond, VA


"I first met Lucia during a spa 2 day retreat over the mother's day weekend, and I knew that they would have different healers there for mini sessions, well one young man walked through the door and I can't explain how or why, but I knew I wanted to have him work on me before I even knew what type of healing he did. Well, when I asked what Shamanic White Fire Healing was, he explained it to me and I asked him if I could have him work on me cause I felt like through everything else something was missing. After my mini session, he know exactly what the issue at hand was and why I was feeling the way I was so today I had my first White Fire Healing session and it was the most incredible experience. It was a distant healing session that I will never forget. Not only did I feel the warmth and tingling he said I would feel, but I felt lighter,  deeply relaxed and an energy shift that is far beyond Reiki and most of all I felt the things that have rooted deeply in my heart, mind and soul change. It felt like a huge weight being lifted, a weight I have waited a long time to get rid of but never knew how. Today is the first day of the beginning of not only my joy and inner peace, but of more positive change to come. For all those who feel like something is missing, searching for that inner peace, holding on to life's painful memories and still trying hard to find a way to let go. Take that first step with Lucia. He is truly a blessing in disguise. He can help on your journey. Once again, Lucia, thank you.  I am so glad we had the chance to talk that day, as I hope not only does everyone have the chance to experience the work you do, but also that as I begin my new journey on my personal and spiritual growth and healing. I hope you will walk with me every step of the way not only as my mentor and teacher but most importantly as my friend.  God bless you." 


-Liz L., King William, VA


"Lucia was excellent. I felt like a completely different person afterwards. I can honestly say I have never been so relaxed and stress free in my life. As a mother of a two year old life can get pretty hectic and this definitely helps me relax and calm down. I would highly recommend it to everyone!" 


-Catherine C., Richmond, VA



"I had the pleasure of having a reading by Lucia and he blew me away!!! He knew so many facts about my life and it was all sound and exactly what my parents and aunt would say to me. Thank u so much for the gift you gave me. You are blessed and your abilities real. I am so blessed to have met with you." 


Most sincerely, Joanne 


-Joanne F., Austin, TX


Lucia shares heart-felt yet practical information that brings great opportunities for growth and healing. He can see people for who they are with compassion and understanding.  He is also incredibly skilled with his spiritual gifts and well-rounded so you can work with him to address a variety of things. As someone who has learned to read other people, it is rare that any person with psychic abilities is able to see below the surface of what is going on with me.  I first met him within our professional circles. During our sessions, he assisted me with healing from past-life traumas and helped me to gain the clarity I needed to move forward with my business. Lucia is a rare and talented person, and I would recommend him to any of my friends, family, and clients. There are many spiritual professionals who work tirelessly to help others, and they could also greatly benefit from a session with him. It would not only serve to enhance their abilities but also increase their business productivity as well.


-Shay M., Richmond, VA






Hi Lucia! I am so excited and have you to thank for it! Seeing the statue of Green Tara has caused a series of synchronicity to happen. First I stopped at a mystical shop I know in CT and found a book with her on the front about Buddhism. Tonight I did some research online about her and just know that there is a message for me from her waiting to be heard. She is amazing! And BTW a giraffe symbolizes access to higher places for sustenance and nurturing. I am truly blessed that I followed my guidance to see you. You have opened the inner door that I needed help with and I am very grateful. Thank you. Blessed be. - Jolana


-Jolana B., Maine


“Lucia is what love looks like, He is also what peace looks like. Your spirit soars just being in his presence, causing you to believe everything is really alright. The gentleness, the compassion, the generous heart are all wrapped up in a package of a man. He makes me think of Mother Mary and Solomans' energy blended as one. This man, with the wisdom of the saints, is here to heal the broken hearted, to raise our spirits to the joy that eludes most of us, as well as helping us to come to the forefront of our past then to our life purpose of now - releasing the fears of our future. All we have to do is trust, have faith [Thy will be done] relax and breathe. Trusting is very difficult, this I know, yet trust me when I say, the answers are within you, Lucia, will help you set them free------Be set Free”


-Patty Mountcastle, Life Coach, Ruther Glen, VA


"Lucia,  thanks for the enlightening reading.  A lot of what you said resonated with me and I moved forward with the advice regarding charging what I'm worth for my services, and in turn attracting those who value my worth.  The part about my ancestral connection was most truthful.  I give thanks and look forward to connecting in the future.  Warmly,  Zyon"

-Zyon G., Vancouver, Washington


"Tonight I had a White Fire Distance Healing with Lucia. First of all, I could feel his presence right there, like he was in person, scanning me. I could tell exactly where he worked on, and at one point, drifted into that magical place, very similar to acupuncture. I was recovering from the flu, and had some personal clearing to do. This healing addressed all my issues on a physical, emotional and spiritual plane. It was awesome. I would highly recommend Lucia's work."

-Laurel H., Richmond, Virginia


"I wanted to let you know that my friend got a reading with you Saturday and went home that night in feelings she couldn't explain. Not bad. She said no one had ever been so accurate, or caring. I knew she was in good hands with you Lucia. You have a light that shines from you."

-Tara S., Richmond, Virginia


"Lucia has an extremely rare and talented gift! He went out of his way to make me feel comfortable and was spot on with every word that came from his mouth! I was extremely nervous and this was the first time I had never sought after spiritual advice. Not only did he help ease my pain, but he also gave me answers to questions that no one else could have given me. He is a rare gem and anyone thinking about using him, should! He is nothing short of amazing!

Thanks again Lucia :) :)"


-Amy C., Virginia


”My session with Lucia was very enlightening, he picked up on some very strong vibes and points in my life, I highly recommend this man's work, even if you don't believe, I recommend a 30 minute session at the least, amazing energy and very welcoming, so much that I’ve made an appointment for my own mother, thank you Lucia, I look forward to another session very soon,and thank you for the future mentoring of my daughter.”

-Chris L., Mechanicsville, Virginia


"Not everyone will have my experience since I am Clairvoyant. This healing experience for me was quite colorful and had wave after wave of energy.

He mentioned to me about detoxing and raising my vibration a few weeks back. So I felt that I needed a boost and noticed as soon as I sat down preparing for the session, that I was going to have one heck of a healing experience.

When he started to do his healing I truly didn't know what to expect.
It was by far an amazing ride of waves of pastel color and other colorful lights I could feel running over my aura. My eyes closed and I could feel waves of white light and more colors.  I could feel him energetically shift a massive energy from my stomach right from my Pancreas right where I was having an issue. I felt the mass shift and lift out of my aura! I felt like I just had surgery by spirit and I felt something mending my aura like a needle was there but it wasn't. I could feel many layers of my aura lift and peel away and my energy getting lighter and lighter.  Then suddenly my entire body shifted like a butterfly and the wings were flapping softly right over top of me and I was the butterfly!!!! The butterfly’s colors were soooo pretty and I felt like I was about to fly. I felt many things during this session: loved ones, spirit holding my hand, angels, including a strong male present on the opposite side of the room overseeing the healing session and my spirit guide assisting my healing as well.  I love seeing my guides and he was quite serious in the face but I could tell he was happy I could see him.
I was so energetically clear I could see everything at once! My experience was beyond amazing!

I know I'm energetically sensitive but this is an experience I would encourage many to try. This is a super deep transformational healing experience!
I could go on and on what I saw during this session.. I would strongly encourage everyone to consider a session with Lucia.

Absolutely amazing!!!!"

-Sheila B., Richmond, Virginia


“Thank You so much for sharing your wonderful God given gifts with the world, Lucia. And Thank you for reminding me that Love is not only still out there, but also within.

Peace and Love,



-Kevin Michael Richardson, Los Angeles, CA





“I adore our sessions. I leave feeling refreshed and renewed. My focus and clarity are overflowing and my energy is at optimal levels. I almost couldn't make it but I'm so very grateful that I did. Thanks for all your love and light you bring not just to our sessions but to the world.”

-Kathy S., Richmond, Virginia

”Hi Lucia, I just wanted to let you know last year I had a reading from you over the phone. I'm in California. You saw me with a lot of papers and it was an exam I had to study for. You said you saw me passing and gave me tips on what to do. Well I passed. Now I can study for the second exam and then I'm a licensed marriage family therapist. You said you saw me taking a trip. I didn't take the trip in last July but I did this month. I'm waiting for more to manifest into my life. Looking for a  new reading soon. Thanks so much and keep doing what God called you to do.”

-Gaye H., California



“Lucia has a gentle yet direct approach. His messages were accurate and encouraging. He reminded me that experiences are merely lessons. His words changed my way of thinking about my life experiences in a more positive and loving way.”
-Mia K., Chesterfield, Virginia

“I’m not sure of where to leave a review. So I’ll just leave it here. Last Winter, I had a reading done with Lucia at RMBS. In that reading, Lucia said that very soon, I would be moving to New York and with the love of my life. I thought he was a joke. A total joke. I had no ties to New York, no desire to go back there (actually, I wanted to move to Miami) and I was totally single. Well, NOW…...pretty much everything Lucia said has come true. I am planning a wedding and moving to New York! Haha! Thanks Lucia for your fantastic reading! :) I have never been happier.”  


-Ashley J., Richmond, Virginia



“My session with Lucia started off with high skepticism on my part. I called him on a phone from out of state with the intention of finding answers for things in my life that I questioned. I was initially overwhelmed by the accuracy he had of me and my personality that it took me by surprise. This encouraged me to go in greater depth and talk to him in further detail about myself and the battles that I have been having. It was amazing how much he knew about me and was able to tell me about myself from the miniscule amount of time that we initially shared with each other. It amazed me how much he was able to read about me from a place that was nowhere near me. He shed light on things from my past that I have told no one about, he elaborated on my present and future endeavors. The whole experience was enlightening and made me believe stronger in the spiritual world and powers beyond our understanding. I have never experienced something like this and have never been a believer in it. Lucia changed my perspective of belief and showed me things I was previously unable to comprehend.” 
- Sonny, Los Angeles, California


”I have been using Lucia for four years, and he has forseen relationships, career changes, residential changes, and other things in between. He is always spot on, and with his compassion and gentle soul, you always feel better after a reading with him. I have recommended him to family and friends, all of whom would echo my words.”


-Heather H., Richmond, Virginia


"Good afternoon my friend!


I just wanted to reach out and tell you of the truly, truly amazing results that I have been experiencing since receiving the White Fire Healing from you Lucia. I will send you pictures of the everything that I have accomplished in the less than 48 hours following the session. I think I have completed more tasks around my home in the last two days than I have in almost a year! The evening following the session, I was outside working on my home well into the night, not coming in until roughly 10:30 pm! Prior to that session I could not have mustered up the motivation, or drive to do ANY of the things I've done in the last 2 days. My energy levels are through the roof, my motivation and drive are as intense as they always were. My mind is sharp, and focused - not cloudy and disassociated with my environment as I had been with so long. One of the best parts is, like most things.... You hit the nexus of benefits in the beginning, then they begin to wain after that after the days pass.... whereas with this healing, is seems as if the benefits are growing increasingly stronger each day!


I can say this with absolute certainty that the benefits of this healing modality are very real, and extremely potent. You need not sit and wonder "hmmm do I feel something from this session?" as you scan out every fiber of your being seeking out anything that seems to have been shifted, lifted, or boosted, to only be left with uncertainty. The great thing is that I'm not the only one that has taken notice of these results, but my family has as well. They see the remarkable change in my overall attitude, outlook and motivation and they are so pleased! I will send you an email that goes into much greater detail, as I feel almost as if it's my duty to spread the news of this wonderful healing and how it could benefit so many areas of your life! So many things in this life are huge let downs, it's so refreshing to be lifted up."


-Jerry, Chesterfield, Virginia


"I recently had a reading with Lucia and was pleasantly surprised. He saw things in my future about a school or teaching job that I would do but my heart wasn't really in it. He also spoke about me leaving Richmond and traveling. Well, about two hours before my reading I had updated my resume and before I could submit it to a school in Charlotte, NC. I got a call from another school here in town that wanted to offer me a teaching job. A lot of what Lucia told me were things that I really want to do but he said out of loyalty I was allowing some people in my life to hold me back. Which is true so I'm definitely back on track and more focused on following my heart and not putting my visions on hold anymore.


Thanks Lucia,

Love and Light.


-Tabbi B., Richmond, Virginia






Thank you

I look forward to connecting with you

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