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Intuitive Practice Group:

In this fun and interactive class we practice developing our intuitive and psychic abilities through a series of different meditations, games and self -exploration. We also have a mediumship circle towards the end of the class to practice developing mediumistic abilities in a safe, fun and practical manor.

When: Currently not being offered



"Going Vegan: The Awakened Person's Choice | followed by a gallery Soul Transformation Reading

Learn why being vegan (plant based) is what the awakened person chooses. In this ultra compassionate, hate free talk, Lucia will share and break down what it means to be vegan. Debunk myths, share insights into the multitude of health benefits, environmental benefits, economic benefits, animal rights benefits and planetary karma benefits as well as sharing stories, testimonies and information on how to successfully leap to an awakened, plant based lifestyle.

Following will be a gallery style Soul Transformation Reading - In this all inclusive Soul Transformation/Healing Induction, find answers to questions regarding your life, be connected to Loved Ones in Spirit, find grace in the corrective healing-alignment experience of mind, body and soul, be spoken to in the language of light and find relief, joy and bliss.

Lucia will guide and facilitate this multifaceted, one of a kind, Spiritual experience, so, come with an open mind and receive what it is that needs to be received in the moment of it needing to be received.

Lucia will be conducting one on one readings afterwards starting at 1pm at a rate of $70 for 30 minutes. 3 slots are availalbe!

Location: Clover Hill Holistic Arts Center

Fee: $20

Time: 10am -12pm

Date: July 15th"


Check out this show I am featured on that aired April 29th, being interviewed on the Women's Broadcast Television Network show “Choices: Finding your Joy.”

" is a Women's Broadcast Television Network ( and our App is Women on TV). We are the only All Women's Television OTT Channel on ROKU, HULU, AppleTV and cable stations throughout the United States (reaching 11.5 million households)"


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