Lucia Williams is an extremely gifted Telepathic Truth Speaker, White Fire Healer, Psychic-Development Teacher, Public Speaker, Author, Artist and Music Producer.


As a child, Lucia was very aware that he was different from the norm. He experienced many paranormal occurrences and received many direct messages from The Holy Spirit, his Spirit Guides and Deceased Loved Ones. He kept most of these things to himself and had trouble reconciling any of it and so he shut them out. As he grew, he would dream about past lives he had lived and see the future in his dreams every night. Still, he shut it out.


When Lucia was 17, he had an undeniable rude-awakening that prompted him to confront his gifts and abilities and harness the power of healing. After opening to his abilities and giving close friends readings and healing sessions, he realized that this work was his calling.


Today, Lucia helps clients from all over the world to connect, heal and grow; to get back on their path and into their purpose. 

Happy to share that I'm featured in Awareness Magazine this month! (June 2017 Publication) 

It reaches over 40k people and I believe you'll full joy it! (zoom in to read parts of the article)

I know they are available at Ellwood Thompson so swing by and pick one up and share with a friend or two. :)

Thank you

I look forward to connecting with you

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